CyberLock's Wireless Access Control Solution

CyberLock is the world’s first key-centric wireless access control system. You are now able to control and track access to every locking point in a facility, without running wire! Receive audit trails and access reports on personnel to increase accountability. Secure almost anything with over 400 different lock options. Set permissions and schedules for each key holder to restrict access. Disable lost or stolen keys to reduce the risk of a security breach. With CyberLock, organizations are able to increase security, accountability, and key control.


CyberKey Smart Keys

Access Multiple Locks with One Key.

The CyberKey smart keys are programmed with unique access permissions for each user. A single CyberKey can be programmed to access over 1,000 locks, removing the need for a big key ring. CyberKeys will only work during specific hours and can only access authorized locks.


Electronic Cylinders

Never Re-key Again.

Since CyberLock is a wireless access control system, it can be used for a wide range of applications. With over 400 different electronic locks to choose from, we can retrofit almost any lock. Use CyberLock for doors, cabinets, cash boxes, trucks, gates, narcotic boxes, safes, vending machines, server cabinets, and more.


CyberAudit Platorm

Customize and Edit Access Control System.

The user-friendly CyberLock software platform acts as the command center for your access control system. The settings are interchangeable, which gives you the ability to completely customize the system to fit your preferences. The platform can be accessed through web browsers on desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Common Questions

Can CyberLock cylinders be installed outside?
Yes, the electronics are sealed for installation indoors and out. CyberLock cylinders are designed to operate in a variety of environments.
Is lock hardware functionality lost when CyberLock cylinders are installed?
No, CyberLock cylinders fit into the lock hardware just the same as the mechanical cylinders they replace. The lock hardware will operate in the same fashion as before the CyberLock cylinder was installed.
What happens if I lose a key? Do I have to re-key?
No, with CyberLock the need to re-key is eliminated. Locks can be “electronically re-keyed” in the field to provide immediate response to lost/stolen keys. For additional security, keys can be set to expire regularly, limiting the exposure of a lost key.
What happens when a CyberKey touches a CyberLock cylinder?
In less than a second, the lock and key synchronize: they exchange unique IDs, compare access codes, validate the list of authorized locks, confirm the current time is within the authorized window, and ensure the key is not on the lock’s list of lost keys. If everything is validated, the lock will open.
How many CyberLock cylinders can one CyberKey access?
If programmed as a standard user key, it can access up to 3,300 locks. If programmed as a master key, it can access all of the locks in the database.
Can audit trails be archived?
Yes, records can be removed from the database and stored in a separate file.
Can I access CyberAudit software on my mobile phone?
Yes, all versions of the software are accessible through a standard web browser, including smart phones and tablets.

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