Flex System at a Glance

With CyberLock and the Flex System you can create one unified security platform to track and control access to doors, locks, cabinets, and more. CyberAudit management software allows for concurrent management of a CyberLock key-centric and a Flex System lock-centric solution.Start with a Flex System Hub, add weatherized CyberKey Vault modules, and choose an input module like a Flex System RFID reader that fits your workflow process. Install the CyberKey Vault modules and input devices at a location convenient for the user, such as at a remote gate. When access to a lock is required, an individual presents an authorized RFID card.

Opening New Doors

The Flex System Door & I/O module supports lock-centric access control systems that utilize prox card readers to open doors. It also enables the integration of a variety of security elements including remote alarms, sensors and lights, security cameras, biometrics, and more.

Take It Outside

The original Flex System modules include weatherized key safes and input modules that are engineered to perform in the most challenging outdoor conditions. These all-weather individual key safes allow you to store, program, and access CyberKeys where needed – on site.


Start with a Flex System Hub, add a Door & I/O module, and plug in any 26-bit Wiegand compatible interface device including thumb readers and facial recognition devices. Drive the desired action, such as opening a door or accessing a CyberKey from a weatherized vault, through the biometric device.

Common Questions

What happens if the network is down?
The Flex System Hub stores access configuration data in local memory. If the network goes down, the system continues to operate, utilizing existing schedules and permissions, until the network connection is returned.
What happens if the power goes out?
The Flex System Hub includes an auxiliary power interface that supports backup power. If the power goes out, the Hub continues to operate on the backup battery until power is restored.
Where do I install the Flex System modules?
Flex System modules can be installed in off-the-shelf weatherized enclosures. Additionally, they can be mounted directly in a wall near the security element they control (such as a door or gate).
What RFID cards are compatible with the Flex System RFID Reader module?
The RFID Reader module is compatible with 13.56 MHz RFID cards.
What type of Wiegand devices are compatible with the Door & I/O module?
The Door & I/O module is designed to work with any 26-bit Wiegand compatible interface. Since the Wiegand standard has evolved and expanded over time, every Wiegand compatible device may not be out-of-the-box compatible. Please contact Videx Sales or Support for details on your specific needs.
How is the Door & I/O module powered?
As with other Flex System modules, the Hub provides power to the Door & I/O module through the RS-485 network connection.
Can I access CyberAudit software on my mobile phone?
Yes, all versions of the software are accessible through a standard web browser, even on a smart phone or tablet.

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