Security Center Video Phone

Smart UI Powerful Call Managment

The simple and smart user interface provides easy access to advanced telephony features and business-focussed applications. From looking up a contact, to conference calling, to monitoring surveillance cameras, with Security Center it’s just one touch away.

Rich Experience with HD Audio

Security Center VoIP offers superior audio quality. It utilizes wideband speech codecs, which sample audio at 16 KHz instead of the standard 8 KHz, thus doubling the bandwidth for communications and significantly elevating voice quality. 

Simple Deployments

It has never been easier to deploy Security Center phone. From the initial set up and configuration to auto provisioning, Security Center is designed to save your business time and money. With dual sensing switched Ethernet ports, your company can avoid additional wiring costs and leverage existing bandwidth to start taking greater advantage of your on premise or hosted VoIP services. 

Business Application

The Security Center phone platform has a feature rich Advance Program Interface available for business to integrate custom or off the shelf application on to the Security Center OS. Applications such as a CyberAuditWeb Enterprise Infrared Cyberkey Authorizer and SalesForce calling application.