Customizable Security Solutions

Access Control For Airports

Airports are under increasing pressure to protect their physical assets and electronically control and track anyone that accesses their facilities. The logistics involved in managing multiple points of entry and the thousands of keys in circulation present daunting challenges for both operators and security managers.
With CyberLock electronic locks and programmable keys, airport facilities can quickly and affordably increase perimeter security, audit and restrict access, and keep the flying public safe.
Access Control for Churches

With open access to houses of worship and facility equipment such as computers, copiers, and expensive media tools, access and key control is a challenge for congregations large and small. Because of this, churches are more susceptible to internal and external theft. Many churches acknowledge that they can no longer afford to continue with their mechanical key system and are turning to smart key solutions to not only improve security but to reduce vandalism and theft.
CyberLock provides churches with the technology to track and control access throughout their facilities while staying within their budgets.
Access Control for EMS Agencies

EMS agencies are faced with the difficult task of finding a security system that not only complies with DOH regulations but also fits their budget. NarcLock’s wireless system is a cost effective solution that can be used to monitor and manage access to controlled substances, medical equipment, vehicles, offices, and buildings.
With NarcLock’s wireless lock cylinders, you can retrofit your existing lock hardware in minutes saving you time and money.
Access Control for Hospitals

CyberLock is a cost-effective solution that gives the flexibility and customization healthcare facilities need to manage and audit traffic to sensitive areas and meet HIPAA and JCAHO requirements.
Access Control for Hotels

CyberLock is a scalable wireless access control system that secures back of the house areas that are vulnerable to employee theft like refrigerators, pantries, liquor rooms and linen closets. With no wiring or heavy installation, CyberLock is an affordable solution that increases security and accountability for hotels.
Access Control for Schools

A key part of providing a high-quality educational experience is having facilities that are safe and secure. In the last decade schools and universities have carried out many steps to make facilities safer for students and staff members. Many of the improvements can be attributed to greater awareness of the need for security as well as the availability of new and improved tools to enhance campus safety.
CyberLock offers facility managers an affordable solution for controlling access to storage rooms, computer carts, and medical records, and can be retrofitted into doors, cabinets, or padlocks.
Access Control for Transportation

When transit revenue doesn’t make it to the bank, it impacts the community. Proceeds are often dedicated to improvements such as road construction, sidewalks, parks, and other projects.
By installing CyberLock on fare boxes, transportation departments can improve their bill-to-coin collection ratio.
Access Control for Utilities

Managing physical access has become increasingly important to utilities in the post-9/11 world, not just to ensure security, but to manage liability. Utilities are vulnerability to intrusion, theft, and vandalism. They consider security vital to their operations and are making it a priority. Controlling who has access rights and knowing when they exercise those rights is essential.
CyberLock provides water and power utilities with the ability to increase access control at remote locations or areas where pulling hardwiring is not feasible.
Access Control for Vending

Vending machine operators face many challenges such as unauthorized key duplication and revenue shortages. It’s estimated that the typical business will lose an average of 6% of revenues from employee theft. For a vending operation, it could be as much as 40%.
The CyberLock electronic access and key management system offers a practical, proven solution for loss prevention and other security concerns affecting the vending industry.
Access Control for Venues

Securing a building in today’s world requires more than locking the outside doors and windows. Most facilities have zones requiring varying degrees of protection, from high security areas such as research labs and server rooms to perimeter gates and frequently accessed supply cabinets.
Cost-effective access and key control for all levels of security throughout a facility is a major benefit of the CyberLock system.